Velicks, the e-bike “made in France”
An high performance electric bike, innovative and offering a autonomy of 62 miles.
VELICKS is the result of a dream: to transform the using of your bike as a travelling means, in a moment of pleasure.
To reach this goal we started from a blank page to reinvent the bike after our vision. As a result : A performing new concept of PEDELEC linking a lot of innovations for a easier use, more comfortable, more adaptable, more reliable and less compelling all of this in a fashion product.
VELICKS is a product made in France. It’s a concentrate of expertise that leads SEV ELECTRIC VEHICLES established itself as the “Premium” standard on its market.
VELICKS is a perfect electric bike for a everyday use: no need of maintenance, a completely new crank set torque sensor hat offering both smooth and powerful electric help through immediate reaction and a linear power, efficiency brake, a integrate antitheft on the bike and on the battery for a higher security level. It’s compact and rigid frame makes it accurate.
The VELICKS is a comfortable and useful electric bike: a integrated USB plug to recharge your iPhone, saddle with elastomer suspension, Lithium battery you can remove in less than 10second, and a glove box. The Velicks permit 3 different assistance: economical, standard, and full with a ingenious pedestrian mode to move it easier.
The Velicks is a sporty ebike: sleek line, automatic two-speed transmission, its weight under 48,5 lb, its powerful brake, rigid frame… the balloon tires ensures damping characteristics.

ELLITE is a commuter electric bicycle.
Its low enjambment frame allows comfortable position and strong rigidity. It is built with aeronautic hydro formed double butted aluminum.

That technology provides a high level of rigidity even with low enjambment architecture.
The Mid drive Bosch Active motor is well-known and reliable. It is perfect for commuter use.
The Bosch Intuvia display is complemented by a deported assistance mode shifter. You have the choice between Eco/Tour/Sport/Turbo modes. The display also provides a complete riding and trip information and a boost mode allows easy start up to 6 Km/h.

Bosch was pioneer in Lithium Ion mobile tools. Let’s Combine this with SEV high Electric skills, thanks to 5 years battery conception, and you’ll have a guaranty of efficiency.
The mechanical components are sourced through major suppliers such as Shimano with the top of the range internal transmission Alfine and 180mm Hydrolic disc brakes. Mach1 28’’double deck rims and light Schwalbe Marathon tyres complement that high quality configuration.

Cube electric bikes have only been made since 2010. All electric Cube bikes have the latest LiPo batteries and Bosch motors, they add a little overall weight but make you feel like you have the legs of a professional cyclist when you are pedalling. A Cube electric bike can be a realistic alternative to a car or scooter for commuting use, is quick and easy to charge, good for the environment and helps keep you fit.

Scott e-bikes
Design, Innovation and Technology
Scott are a global, extremely reputable and well known bicycle manufacturer. Their high-end electric bikes are true to the Scott motto of Design – Innovation – Technology. The design is trendy and stand out, the technical innovation stunning, and the technology the very best.

The Crank Drive Bosch System
The Scott Electric Bike range uses the Bosch Motor System. The Bosch System is a Crank Drive System that gives more torque by having the motor help turn the chain wheel instead of being mounted directly in the hub. Because the motor is then using the bikes gears it can provide much more pull.

The Bosch power system is ideal for people who want a true cycling experience. The motor applies power almost immediately as you pedal – it is like a “boost” and amplification of your own pedalling. It is a very quiet system for countryside trips and routes away from traffic.  The motor (and normally the battery too) is mounted in the middle of the frame providing a low centre of gravity.