Colnago C60

Colnago C60 Specifications

The ultimate goal is to improve the bicycle:  to make it more efficient, with less rider fatigue and no sacrifice in strength or reliability.  The design must be striking.  From a marketing standpoint, the frame’s characteristics and technical advantages must stand out and not be completely hidden inside the frame.  Star-shaped tubes are a proven design element and have become a signature design element for Colnago frames.  It is from this proven design, with the goal of increased frame efficiency without significant sacrifice in comfort or strength, with which the Colnago C60 was born.

In the C60 various cross sections of tubes have increased volume, thinner walls and drastic tube profiles.  No attention to detail was spared.  The rear dropouts have been completely redesigned for reduced weight and increased lateral stiffness.  Even the water bottle mounts were redesigned to reduce weight while maximizing strength.

The most striking difference between the C59 and C60 is the new tube shapes and its matching shaped lugs.

The second major difference between the C59 and the C60 is the new oversized downtube.

In favor of a round tube shape, the seat tube becomes strongly asymmetric as it reaches and enters the bottom bracket lug.

Bottom bracket lug
The heart of the new C60 is the bottom bracket. The dimensions of this masterpiece, especially when compared to that of the C59, have been created to ensure the ultimate in lateral stiffness.

One piece dropouts
Another new feature introduced with C60 are the forged, CNC-machined one-piece dropouts. With the C60, Colnago has worked hard to make the connection between the frame and the rear wheel a true masterpiece.

Disc brakes
As with the C59, the C60 will soon also be available in a disc brake version. With the new construction of the C60 Disc, Colnago was able to reduce frame weight by 140gr compared to the C59 Disc.  A small weight revolution!

Frame geometry
Sizes and specifications help you to choose the correct frame.

Colnago C60 frames painting, hand made in Italy one by one, every frame is unique!

UCI approved
This frame is approved by the International Cycling Union and therefore used in all races recognized by the UCI.


4.180 € (Frameset only)


Paint and Colours
Colnago’s special paint process creates stunning-looking bicycles. Rather than use decals that fade and peel, they create colour panels with paint, carefully masking areas of the frame in a multi-step process. It takes longer, but the result is a frame that looks as good as it rides, and that will stay looking good for years.

All frames come in 5+ different colour schemes, which gives a great choice for look and feel. Further more with our collaboration with Colnago special full customised painting is also available.

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