Colnago cx Zero

Colnago CX Zero Specifications

Cx Zero is the bike for endurance, a perfect compromise between performance and comfort. The geometry has been developed to meet the needs of cycling. Everything revolves around the extent of the head tube, which is significantly longer when compared to the same Colnago racing geometry. The higher head tube combined with the reduced length of the tube, allows you to maintain a relaxed position of the shoulders and arms, as well as to get a more open angle between the torso and thigh for easy pedaling. In short, a comfortable position on the bike also improves performance . The comfort we think the quality of the carbon fiber used , the design of the rear triangle, which gives a greater vertical elasticity in combination with the smaller 27.2 mm diameter seat post. The shape of rear triangle tubes allows you to mount 25 mm tires. The central bb is Press fit. Inside the box there is a compass in threaded aluminum which are grafted on two caps light alloy within which are positioned bearings pressure.




CX Zero

2.960 € - 3.810 € Depending on components

XXS/47, XS/49, S/52, M/54, L/56, XL/58, XXL/61


Paint and Colours
Colnago’s special paint process creates stunning-looking bicycles. Rather than use decals that fade and peel, they create colour panels with paint, carefully masking areas of the frame in a multi-step process. It takes longer, but the result is a frame that looks as good as it rides, and that will stay looking good for years.

All frames come in 5+ different colour schemes, which gives a great choice for look and feel. Further more with our collaboration with Colnago special full customised painting is also available.

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